Wanderer, es gibt keinen Weg.
Der Weg entsteht durch Gehen.

nach Antonio Machado
Lyriker, 1875-1935

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Ich arbeite auf Deutsch und auf Englisch.

I work in German and English.

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You can meet me at the 2013 World Conference of the Applied Improvisation Network, 2nd to 5th Oktober 2013 in Berlin, Germany

Effectuation - What Improv Can Teach Entrepreneurs

In the workshop I'll introduce the concept of effectuation and its five principles, connecting them to principles of improv and using improv techniques to work out their meaning, implication and potential.

This will be done by a mixture of input- and improv-exercises with subsequent reflection.

Participants will experience a new and powerful tool for starting any kind of new project, be it a business or a private venture.

Effectuation is an approach to entrepreneurship. It was developed by Dr. Saras Sarasvathy who found out that in the beginning of a venture, when the future is not only unknown but unknowable and the goals are still vague, experienced entrepreneurs follow a certain logic. This "effectual logic" contrasts with the "causal logic" which follows a predefined path to a strict goal and which will take over as the process of starting a venture progresses.

Effectuation just like improv doesn't prescribe what to do but offers a set of heuristics which can be taught.

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